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A High-tech Enterprise Specializing In R & D And Manufacturing Of Automotive Stamping High-speed Robots (arms) And Automotive Stamping Automated Robotic Handling Systems (hot Stamping).

Recruitment Position

Recruitment Position

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The office environment is good and enjoys the benefits of holidays and holidays.

If you are interested, you can call (landline: 0531-58755018; mobile phone: 13598896742) Manager Hao to consult.

Working hours: 8:30-17:00 Include lunch breaks and meal times.

Working address: No. 6009, Jingshi West Road, Jinan City, Shandong Province (opposite to Runhua Motor Vehicle Inspection Line)

Due to the expansion of the factory, the company is recruiting the following staff:   




Number of people



Job responsibilities


(post requirements)

Benefits Salary treatment
Electrician 3 2

1. According to the requirements of the workshop supervisor, complete the production tasks on time and in volume, and complete the production tasks for the current month;

2. Carry out production operations according to process requirements; 
3. Obey the leadership arrangements and complete the technical learning tasks outside the post; 
4. Complete the temporary work assigned by the leadership.  

1, 18 years of age or older, high school or above; 
2. More than 1 year working experience in manufacturing companies; 
3. Experience with electricians, welders and forklifts is preferred; 
4, hard work and responsibility, have a sense of responsibility.  
5, can adapt to business trips

Five insurance and one gold Negotiable
Welder 2 No requirement

1. Follow the operation instructions to operate the welding equipment.

2. Assemble the welding assembly according to the assembly drawing.

3. Carry out product quality self-test to ensure quality.

1, can understand the drawings;

2. Strong adaptability;

3, work experience is preferred, apprentices, fresh graduates can also be;

4. Once hired, the benefits are favored;

Five insurance and one gold Negotiable
Fitter a few 1

1. Responsible for completing the task assigned by the superior on time and by quality; 

2. Responsible for the maintenance and storage of their own tools;

3. Try to study the fitter technology, pay attention to summing up and master new techniques and techniques in work practice;

4. The work tasks assigned to the superiors are completed in good quality and quantity, without discount;

5, comply with safe operating procedures, safe and civilized production;

6, actively cooperate with the management, business, meticulous work, in strict accordance with the design requirements of the drawings.

1. Can understand technical drawings;  
2. Skilled in using tools to scrape, grind, and shape parts; 
3, familiar with the drilling machine structure, more than two years of relevant experience is preferred 
4. Priority is given to post-related operation certificates and assembly work involving pressure vessels and pressure pipes; 
5, work seriously and responsible, hard work and obedience arrangements, can accurately determine the machine tool failure, independent maintenance of general machine tools

Five insurance and one gold Negotiable
Buyer 2 1

1. Responsible for the procurement of engineering materials; 
2. Comply with the company's procurement management system; 
3. Complete the procurement task on schedule;  
4. Other temporary work that the leadership confesses.

1. Mechanical, electrical and related majors, with experience preferred; 
2, work carefully, practical, able to withstand pressure;  
3. Obey the arrangement of the leader.

Five insurance and one gold Negotiable
Warehouse Manager Clerk 2 1

1. Execute the inventory management process, improve the inventory management method, and use the inventory software after training; 
2. Provide comprehensive inventory analysis report, assess inventory management status, and improve inventory management level; 
3. Entry, filling and delivery of information system data, collation and filing of relevant documents and statements; 
4. Check the data with the warehouse regularly and check it in the field, check the supervision and warehousing procedures; 
5. Complete other tasks assigned by the superior.  

1. Technical secondary school or above, major in mechanical, logistics or warehousing; 
2. More than 1 year of inventory planning and control work experience in related fields; 
3. Good communication, analytical skills and teamwork spirit, serious work and strong sense of responsibility.  

Five insurance and one gold Negotiable
Clerk/Assistant 3 No requirement

1. Assist in the development and implementation of operational procedures, work processes and work systems for general logistics; 
2. Plan to implement the work plan given by the superior leader; 
3. Fully responsible for the purchase and management of all kinds of equipment, office supplies and sundries of the company; 
4. The daily work of the clerk.  

1. College degree or above; 
2, work experience is preferred.  
3. Familiar with logistics management work; 
4. Have good logistics planning and communication skills, strong sense of responsibility, enthusiasm for work, thoughtful service, good planning and overall coordination.

Five insurance and one gold Negotiable
Big car driver 1 2

1. Responsible for the company's foreign affairs transfer, driving to the company's executives; 
2. Responsible for the company's vehicle maintenance, repair and cleaning work; 
3. Assist in handling company vehicle insurance, claims, and annual inspection; 
4. Assist in handling daily administrative affairs.  
5, good health, flexible mind, can bear hardships and stand hard work, strong sense of responsibility; 

1. Two years of driving experience, B1 driving certificate;
2, skilled driving skills, familiar with local road conditions; 
3, no bad driving record, with a strong sense of security; 
4, understand business reception etiquette, have a certain sense of service;  
5, be pragmatic, honest and loyal, strong sense of confidentiality, strong sense of responsibility.

Five insurance and one gold Negotiable