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A High-tech Enterprise Specializing In R & D And Manufacturing Of Automotive Stamping High-speed Robots (arms) And Automotive Stamping Automated Robotic Handling Systems (hot Stamping).

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Company Profile

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Jinan Haozhong Automation Co., Ltd ,  is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D and manufacturing of automobile stamping high-speed robots ( arms ) and automobile stamping automated robot handling systems (hot stamping) . The company focuses on software development and integration applications for automotive stamping automation/automation. The company is headquartered in Jinan, and has set up offices and branches in Chongqing/Kunshan and Hefei to better achieve service and industrial upgrading .
The business scope includes: system integration of robotic automation for automobile stamping production line, high-speed robot ( arm ) for automobile stamping, sheet cleaning machine, oiling machine, electromagnetic palletizing and other automation equipment. Modification, repair, installation and commissioning of spare parts for large mechanical presses and large CNC machine tools . The company has dozens of experienced engineers in the press and automation, and has applied for more than ten patented technologies. Among them, there are 5 senior engineers; the main backbone,  technology and management personnel are mostly from large state-owned enterprises, such as Jinan Second Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. and Jinan Machine Tool No. 1 Factory .  The main personnel have many years of experience in the installation, maintenance and transformation of presses and CNC machine tools.
The company's main customers now include Shanghai ABB Engineering Co., Ltd., Shanghai General Motors ( Shanghai Base, Shenyang Base, Shandong Base, Wuhan Base ), SAIC Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd.,  SAIC Iveco, Guangqi Honda Automobile Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Automobile Toyota Motor Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Fengshen Automobile Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Fudi Automobile Co., Ltd., Jinan Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd., China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd., Geely Automobile Holdings Co., Ltd., Shanghai Duoli Automobile Co., Ltd., Chongqing Pingyang Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., Wuhan Shenlong Automobile Co., Ltd. , well-off enterprises such as Xiaokang Automobile, Chongqing Zhixin, Changan Automobile, Diss Oil Pressure , Tianjin Forging, Hefei Forging Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd.,  Anhui Dayang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Hefei Changan Automobile Co., Ltd., etc. Successfully realized the export of patented products to European and American markets, breaking the monopoly of foreign technology and market. The company has been committed to independent research and development / innovation / intelligent manufacturing efforts to achieve a new pattern of modern industry .

Company Profile